Château Cavalier: 100% rosé

Published 09.06.2023
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Nestled in a beautiful setting, Château Cavalier stretches across 132 hectares in Vidauban, at the heart of inland Provence. It draws inspiration from nature and places utmost importance on the preservation and respect for its environment.

Sheltered by the Massif des Maures and the Alpes de Haute Provence, benefiting from an ideal exposure and sandy-loamy and clay-sandy soils, this property offers a diverse range of complementary terroirs. The setting couldn't be more conducive to vine cultivation and the production of fine wines in Côtes de Provence. With its expertise and the commitment of its team, Château Cavalier has firmly established itself among the respected vineyards of Provence, distinguishing itself through its exclusive focus on the production of rosé wines.

Exemplary vineyard management is at the core of Château Cavalier's approach. "We have made every effort to achieve our goal, to produce wines of the highest quality, true ambassadors of our magnificent vineyard known worldwide. Soil work, use of organic amendments, meticulous green practices, night harvests, precise and fine winemaking and blending... we take every initiative to maintain excellence. We are also committed to two environmental certifications, Terra Vitis and HVE," says Lucas Puyo, the property's thirty-something estate manager, a graduate of Bordeaux Sciences Agro's agronomy school. With a strong background and a generation sensitized to contemporary environmental challenges and the latest eco-responsible methods applicable to viticulture, Château Cavalier is at the forefront of innovation in its field.