The Toques Blanches Lyonnaises & Castel Châteaux & Grands Crus: a partnership based on common values.

Published 05.10.2023
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Beyond the vine, it is the passion for taste and terroirs that drives us. For several years, we have been committed to working with the actors of sommellerie and gastronomy, essential partners in our roles as winemakers and wine merchants. Our enduring partnership with the Association des Toques Blanches Lyonnaises is built on common values of tradition, excellence, and the desire to promote the art of tasting. This collaboration allows us to maintain an ongoing exchange and to progress alongside professionals who share our passion for the harmony between flavors and vineyards.

In the month of September last year, we had the great pleasure of welcoming a group of nine chefs who are members of the association to Bordeaux. In a warm setting, the guests had the opportunity to (re)discover some of our family-owned properties and partner Grand Crus.

Under the presidency of Christophe Marguin, the Association des Toques Blanches Lyonnaises brings together nearly 120 members who share the same values when it comes to gastronomy, the promotion of Lyonnaise cuisine, and regional products.

Learn more about the Toques Blanches Association at toques-blanches-lyonnaises.com