La Croix de Montlabert: a singular second wine.

Published 12.06.2022
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The acquisition of Château Montlabert in 2008 reveals the Castel family’s attachment to the Saint-Emilion terroirs, wines and art of living. Today, the property is intent on building the image and inimitable character of its second wine through the first expression of its more recently acquired plot of vines and a new signature.

Two terroirs, one living history

The Montlabert estate is made up of a total of 21 hectares spread over two distinct terroirs a few kilometres from Saint-Emilion. It produces two wines, Château Montlabert and La Croix de Montlabert: two sides of the same story, from two distinct and distinctive terroirs.

La Croix de Montlabert is the estate’s second wine. It hails from an 8-hectare plot of vines located in the commune of Saint Christophe des Bardes, acquired in 2017. This terroir has a clay and silt soil and subsoil that is particularly conducive to the expression of the Cabernet Franc. The La Croix de Montlabert wines are crafted from the same proportion of Merlot and Cabernet Franc as the first wine, with a distinctive expression of the Cabernet which gives these wines excellent structure.

The emotion of time and land

La Croix de Montlabert is aged for 14 months, with 1/3 of the wine aged in barrels previously used for 2 fills, 1/3 in barrels used for 3 fills and 1/3 in vats. Owing to the beauty of the terroir, a lovely expression of intensely fresh fruit comes through quite quickly. This is underpinned by the structure created by the Cabernet. Thanks to its ageing pro-cess, this wine is ready to drink but can also benefit from a few years of cellar-ageing. The wine’s masterful construc-tion and the freshness of its fruit make for a great drinking experience.

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