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Respect & audacity


For us, to nurture a vineyard means to know, understand and respect the character of the terroir - the character that first made us fall in love with the property. And although we have developed a single method of working to apply across all Castel Family Estates, we steadfastly refuse to produce uniform wines. Our ways of observing and monitoring individual plots, gradually developing our vintages and working only with oenologists skilled in our particular terroirs are the same across all our properties – but they serve to ensure that their only common feature is that they are different!


Respect for terroir means respect for the land and the people who work it; our living, generous land, which deserves to be cultivated responsibly. For us, this isn’t just rhetoric. All our activity is regulated by Terra Vitis, an independent organisation and the only certification body dedicated solely to viticulture. Terra Vitis principles are based on the principles of responsible agriculture, taking into account people and the environment. Castel Family Estates’ commitment to our planet is very real; 80% of our properties are already certified, and the figure is set to rise…

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