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Castel Châteaux & Grands Crus is a story of love at first sight. And we want to do more than just share our love. We want everyone to fall in love with our properties too - négociants, retailers, restaurateurs, journalists… In fact anyone who helps to promote our wines in any way. That’s why everyone who comes to stay with us is treated as a member of our family - by our family. We nurture an atmosphere of friendship conducive to discovering our properties - and defy anyone not to feel a touch of emotion.


At Castel, we do things properly. To start with, our hospitality was guided by intuition, but we have since worked unstintingly on developing our offering. A dedicated team is permanently on hand to help, and extensive changes have been made within the properties. Whether you are just visiting or have come to stay, our aim is the same - to offer every guest the very best experience we can. The way to get to know a property or terroir is to live it - for a day, a night, or even longer.


Work is a learning experience - this is true of the wine world perhaps more than anywhere else. Acquiring knowledge, assimilating the processes, trying, starting again, persevering. For us, this is the only way to progress, and one day to reach our goal. That’s why we have established our own training centre at Château Malbec. Anyone joining the company spends two days here, learning to understand the terroirs, the vines and the wines. To nurture the land, we must first learn to nurture our talents.

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