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A heritage to inspire

A heritage TO WORK WITH

At Castel, we recognise the power and value of hard work, and go out of our way to find unique properties and undiscovered terroirs. It would, of course, be easy to stick to safer options, but we thrive on expressing and developing the potential of each one of our estates and vineyards. For us, this is success on a day-to-day basis.


We also need to look to the future: to think about teaching our craft to the younger generation, preserving traditional skills, educating palates and researching into the future of vines and winegrowing. We need to work and create, with people from neighbouring walks of life who share our passion for flavour. In short, we need to promote a culture of estate wines and Grands Crus throughout the world.
Here too, Castel are blazing their own trail and supporting talented young people: chefs, sommeliers, designers – anyone, in fact, who is passionate about their work – and giving them the opportunity to exercise their talents for the benefit of us all.

A heritage TO SHARE

Designing, producing and selling estate wines is just part of our vision. It’s an important part of course, but on its own it’s far from satisfying. It is equally important that we don’t keep everything to ourselves, that we share our findings and the fruits of our work in a sustainable, responsible way with everybody who loves wine – professionals and amateurs, wine industry members or not – and to keep the dialogue alive.


Finally, we at Castel Châteaux & Grands Crus believe it is important to push our ideas to their limits. To believe in ourselves, to give ourselves permission to try, to start again, to keep going… and one day, to succeed. Meanwhile we must nurture the flame of inspiration, and continue to let our instincts guide us.
This is the Castel way, both as a family and as a business – to commit and remain committed to our estates, our wines and our Grands Crus.

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