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Castel Châteaux & Grands Crus are a living presence. They are full of stories - sometimes even history – but they are not museums. We want to bring our properties to life: we want everyone to love visiting them, and we want them to create happy memories. In place of a personal invitation, we have designed two new boutiques, completely open to the public, in two of our properties: Domaine de la Clapière in Languedoc, and Château d’Arcins in Haut Médoc. They let our customers get to know the people who make our wine, and let us meet the people who enjoy it, outside the professional context.


Castel Châteaux & Grands Crus offer a range of unique estate wines; these two boutiques choose their own personal favourites and offer them for sale; they find some true gems by following the advice of the people who know and love the place best. Bordeaux, Languedoc, Provence, Pays de Loire… all the terroirs we aspire to showcase are represented here. Domaine de la Clapière dates back to Gallo-Roman times, Château d’Arcins to the Knights Templar - but today, both properties are building bridges to link our historical heritage with the modern day, through the range of wines they offer for sale on the web.

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