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Apart from the vines, what really inspires us is a passion for flavour and our terroirs. For us, giving something back to those in related industries who work so hard to promote our heritage is more than just a choice - it’s the only thing to do. Toques Blanches Lyonnaises, Etoiles d’Alsace and Tables & Saveurs de Bretagne are all gourmet associations with whom we have forged close links; our partnerships are based on continuous dialogue, each side sharing with the other the results of their efforts and successes, for the benefit of all.

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We are fully committed to promoting French gastronomy, and having learned to listen to our chefs, we now understand much more about them, and want them to join us in re-telling the story of our terroirs. Although our properties tend to be distinctive rather than traditionally famous, our wines are completely at home on the dining tables of some of our most celebrated Michelin-starred chefs: Mathieu Vianney, Christophe Roure, Georges Blanc, Emmanuel Renaut, Ronan Kervarrec and Frédéric Vardon to name but a few.

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Vineyards and wine were here before we were - and will still be here when we have gone. In all modesty, it falls to us to preserve this world of wine, along with the essential skills and expertise it demands. The Châteaux & Domaines Castel European Young Sommeliers Cup competition is our way of giving back. This is a competition aimed at the up-and-coming generation of European sommeliers, giving tomorrow’s talented professionals the opportunity to progress in their field and gain the recognition of their peers. The event has been gaining in popularity since 2014, and serves as a reminder that for Castel, knowledge transfer means more than just keeping it in the family.

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