Castel Châteaux & Grands Crus partner the 14th annual Trophée Jean Delaveyne

Published 18.11.2022
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This year, we were honoured to be among the official partners of the prestigious 14th annual Trophée Jean Deleveyne, which took place on the 8th November during the EquipHotel trade show at Paris-Porte de Versailles.

Organised by the Association des Toques Françaises, this high-level cooking competition is open to professionals working as chefs in establishments open to the public, private clubs, private homes, culinary associations, private estates, or as professional instructors in France or overseas.

The competition is named after the chef Jean Delaveyne (1919 - 1996), a genuine pioneer of nouvelle cuisine. Renowned for his erstwhile restaurant Le Camélia**, this true epicurean also played an important role in the careers of other major names in French haute cuisine, including Michel Guérard, Jacques Chibois and Joël Robuchon.

The 14th annual competition was presided over by Jean-François Girardin, President of the Société Nationale des Meilleurs Ouvriers de France. Guy Legay, former Director of Food at the Paris Ritz, took the role of Honorary President. The participants were challenged to interpret a series of surprising and technically demanding themes: eggs “surprise”, deboned stuffed salmon, and a moka 2.0.