The Saint-Emilion Wine Classification: promotion for Château Montlabert

Published 21.11.2022
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Château Montlabert, one of the jewels in the Castel Family Estates crown, has been promoted to the status of Grand Cru Classé as part of the 2022 Saint-Emilion Wine Classification. This classification marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter, rewarding years of hard work to reveal the singularity of the Montlabert terroir, with the utmost respect for its ecosystems.

This classification is a reward for collective effort, for our teams of committed individuals, who work tirelessly every day in the vines and in the winery to craft a fine wine, ever more demanding in their quest for excellence. It is also a recognition for our dedicated teams’ commitment to distributing our wines around the globe, contributing to their international reputation.  

In Saint-Emilion, the new 2022 vintage, which will be the first to display “Grand Cru Classé” on its bottle, is looking very promising. Recent tastings have provided a glimpse of what could be an exceptional vintage, like no other, offering excellent balance and an encouraging aging potential.


The Castel family at Château Montlabert

Montlabert is an encounter that goes beyond investment. The Castel Family’s decision to establish themselves in the heart of one of the world’s most prestigious wine regions is rooted in their history as winegrowers. From the purchase in 2008 and the inauguration in 2020, the Castel family invested time and resources into drawing up the outline of a new history and a new ambition. For 10 years, the focus has been on listening to and understanding the terroir in order to build a winemaking business based on a desire for sustainable excellence. The design and construction of the winery are the vehicle for achieving this vision of enhancing the value of the terroir and the property.

The rebirth of a Saint-Emilion property

Montlabert is an iconic property in Saint-Emilion. The Castel family wished to respect and reveal its uniqueness by creating an architectural ensemble inspired by the 18th century. The new chapter written by the Castel Family goes beyond the renovated winery. It is about the rebirth of the entire property, guided by a comprehensive vision of respect for the Saint-Emilion environment. Alongside its rigorous winemaking philosophy, the project involves a sustainable approach to the ecosystem of the park and gardens, and a view to hospitality illustrated by the restoration of the Charteuse, orangery and Maison de Bordier.