The Castel & Drouhin families join forces in Africa.

Published 01.11.2021
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At the end of this year, the Castel and Drouhin families join forces to establish an historic distribution partnership on the African continent. The first act of this new partnership comes in the form of a tour of Côte d’Ivoire, Burkina Faso and the DRC.

We are delighted to announce a new strategic partnership on the African continent, signed between the commercial company Castel Frères and the Maison Joseph Drouhin. This association of two well-known wine families was established on the basis of shared values: a passion for quality wines and terroirs, a family dynamic centred on intergenerational transmission, and a desire to share the culture of fine wines around the world. 

Founded by Joseph Drouhin in 1880, this globally recognised Burgundy wine company offers an exceptional range of wines from around 90 different appellations. It has remained a family company for the last 140 years, today under the control of the fourth generation. During a tasting organised earlier this year, our teams were struck by the balance, harmony and character of the Drouhin range, produced with the utmost respect for the soil, the vine and the environment.

The first act of this new strategic partnership will take the form of a tour of three West African countries: Côte d’Ivoire and Burkina Faso in November, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo in December. A packed itinerary involves staff training sessions, masterclasses, and a series of exceptional wine dinners, organised with representatives from both companies.

Alongside wines from the Maison Joseph Drouhin, this first operation will provide our teams with the opportunity to present the lastest vintages of Château Beychevelle*, Amiral de Beychevelle and Aspirant de Beychevelle (a Castel Frères exclusive), as well as a selection of our Family Estate wines.  

The whistle-stop tour promises to be rich in exchanges: a first opportunity for these two families, representative of two major French winegrowing regions, to participate together in spreading the culture of Fine Wines across the world.

*50% owned by Castel

Pour plus d'informations, visitez le site web de la Maison Drouhin.